OUR SERVICES

We offer a wide range of services from maintenance Valets right through to full paint correction, ceramic sealants and Paint protection film. All the services we offer can be tailored to suit the clients needs.

Mobile Valeting


Maintenence Valet


- Pre Clean Bodywork

- 3 Bucket Wash

- Hand Dried with Quick Detailer + Drying Towel

- Wheels Cleaned and Tyres Dressed

- Doors and boot shuts cleaned

- Interior Vacuum

- All Door Cards and interior services cleaned

- Glass Cleaned inside and out


Prices start from £50


Interior Valet



- Vacuum Carpets/Mats/Seats/Boot Space

- Clean Door shuts

- Clean all Air Vents & Door Panels

- Shampoo all Carpets/Mats/Seats/Boot Space

- Leather Interior fully cleaned re fed and Conditioned

- Clean & Dress all Interior Plastics

- Clean & Polish all Windows Inside and out

- De-odourise


Prices from £120


Full Valet


- Everything included in Maintenence Valet

- Paintwork and wheels de contaminated, removing all                                Iron and tar spots from all exterior surfaces.


- Bodywork hand polished (Option to upgrade to Hard  0Wax + Wheel Seal - Extensive options available on waxes 0Please call)

- Inside Cleaned as interior valet


Prices from £240


Premium Alloy Gators

Alloy gators protect your exspensive alloys discreetly from kerbing and wheel knocks.


From £160



Detailing Services (All detailing to be carried in house)


Paint enchancement


Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection


Leather treatment

Professionally clean leather and re condition


Engine cleans

Engine sprayed with de-greaser.Also gently cleaned with detailing brush. Rinsed off with pressure washer. Process Repeated. Engine Lacquer applied.


Paint protection

All exterior paintwork is treated to a unique protective coating to enhance shine & ensure maximum resistance to the environmental hazards, even the severest winter weather.


Glass protection

All external side & rear windows are treated with a long- term, optically clear non-stick easy to clean coating. As you drive the raindrops roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility & safety.


Fabric protection

The fabric protection helps keeps spills from becoming hard to remove spots or stains, it repels liquids so spills can be blotted up quickly & easily.


Premium Alloy Gators

Alloy gators protect your exspensive alloys discreetly from kerbing and wheel knocks.

From £150